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Life ruiners from Hakuouki [2/6]

Kazama Chikage (。♥‿♥。)


gods of calamity:
fierce deities that grant heinous wishes



 Lamke’s Fashion Week in India.

Lets take a minute to appreciate this photoset.

I kept scrolling and the men just kept getting hotter and hotter.

im done

farewell all

It’s the power of true love that defeated you



i just really want a batkids show:

damian meets the (bat)family

And each week they have different team-ups and then there\s this one time, one time, that Tim almost burned the house down (“we never expected it to be you, tim, why?”). It was an accident, I swear. It should be called CHILDREN OF GOTHAM

The Shinsengumi of Hakuouki


Life is hard for a Voltage player.

New Cloud Strife illustration by Tetsuya Nomura


The plot of Mass Effect 3 in a nutshell.

BONJOUR 恋味パティスリー (airing Fall 2014)

Men, I would like to give this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue, too. To date, I’ve seen my father’s role as a parent being valued less by society. I’ve seen young men suffering from illness, unable to ask for help for fear it will make them less of a man. I’ve seen men fragile and insecure by what constitutes male success. Men don’t have the benefits of equality, either. We don’t want to talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes but I can see that they are. When they are free, things will change for women as a natural consequence. If men don’t have to be aggressive, women won’t be compelled to be submissive. If men don’t need to control, women won’t have to be controlled. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are. We can all be freer and this is what HeForShe is about. It’s about freedom. I want men to take up this mantle so their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice but also so their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human, too and in doing so, be a more true and complete version of themselves - Emma Watson for HeForShe UN campaign



Urbance is a 26-minutes animated action serie for 16+ audience. Written and Directed by Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé. A topic that hits with stunning visuals and blasting tunes; Urbance brings you into a post-modern story world, made of hip-hop vibes and electronic influences.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $189,000 to complete the production of a pilot episode. After completion, this pilot will be presented to broadcasters, investors and festivals as an independent artistic vision that will stand as the ground base of a full TV series with Transmedia developments. Anything raised above our minimum goal will be invested in the production of the Episode 1 of Urbance.

This trailer took Tumblr by storm a few years ago so I would hope that it would come out and support it now when it could actually be made. I know I’ll be contributing to this.

Kickstarter ends Nov 6, 2014! Boost the shit out of this you guys. Urbance features a predominantly POC cast with a heavy gender theme and sick fucking music/animation. This show has so much promise and I know a ton of people want to see it made.


Batman Beyond 2.0 #19, 23, 24 — Justice Lords Timeline

the world is ever changing;